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Boy meets Girl. Boy loses Girl. Boy wanks off talking Panda…?

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“Fantastically original”
- Cath Le Couteur,
“Refreshing and hilarious”
- Chris Harman
“It really captures that woozy, boozy feeling when you think you are falling for someone…it’s technically excellent and it is funny and moving too…”
- Tracy O’Riordan
“Rare to see a short film that totally sustains its length. Great tone too… I laughed more during this than several short films put together”
- David Lemon, writer
“The best short Channel 4 has had on at 4am… Probably the best thing it has ever put on at 4am… I tried telling my friends just how awesomely random it is and they didn’t quite believe me, so I had to order the DVD set. Thanks again.”
– Laura Proctor
“I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so hard for so long!..I can’t wait to get the DVD. The last four days have consisted of nothing but Hallo Panda quotes. Thank you thank you thank you.”
- Aoife McMorrow
“The visuals were all stunning… very funny”
- Ben Cavey, Producer, Tiger Aspect
“Bloody marvellous”
- Darren Bender, Producer, Bigger Pictures
“I desperately want to own Hallo Panda on dvd. I woke up late one night…and fell in love. I didn’t stop talking about it the next day – despite the fact everyone thought I had watched panda porn.”
- K Steel
“I just saw Hallo Panda at the Sweet Onion film festival here in Walla Walla, WA and LOVED it! Is there any way to get a hold of a copy of Hallo Panda in the USA?
- Ben Wu
“People really loved the film…it was one of their favorites…and [it] received pretty much non-stop laughs.”
- Marisa Cohen, HDFest
“I’m still laughing”
- Steve Beard
“Very funny and weirdly touching”
- Salima Saxton
“It’s a great film… funny, moving, thoughtful, and involves wanking. Hoorah.”
- Helena Rigg
“Even my mum loved it”
- Alex Mayover
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